Line Up


Calicos are multi-colored cats and like most cats they enjoy exploring, love hunting and meowing late at night. Just like Tina and Juliana roam the decades (from the 1920s to the 2020s) hunting for music in all different styles (from Pop to Jazz to Rock) to get together, sing and play their ukuleles late at night with groovy cat Albert on the uke bass.

Fiercely independent, they add their own personal touch to each cover song, mash-up, or medley – with the audience clapping and singing along. Calico’s original songs are heartwarming and uplifting like cuddling with a purring cat after a long day.

Iso Herquist

Iso Herquist is unique: a musician by heart and soul, serious joker and chronic ukulele player. He sounds like Jazz, but is in fact Punk Rock. Wading knee deep in the Blues, he uses his smoky voice for everything from Swing to New Metall. Even if it takes some time to recognize it. His ukulele is not a Hawaiian novelty, but an instrument played to impress.

While Iso Herquist is mastering the earnest party tent ambience like no other, he is in fact above all one thing: entertaining. Musical, cheeky, profound, spontaneous and funny – a real entertainer.

Marco Tschirpke

Marco Tschirpke Musik-Kabarettist.

An evening with German Kleinkunstpreis award-winner Marco Tschirpke is riddled with references to art and history and thus entails a mostly intellectual delight. The way Marco Tschirpke amalgamates the now with the past and the ups with the downs is so insolently delightful and entertaining, that his audience often can’t get enough of it. While traveling Asia, the trained pianist stumbled across the four-stringed box neck lute and simply has not been able to get away from it since.

Nikky and the Ukulele

Nikky is a singer-songwriter living in Vienna. While her focus used to be on writing and performing English songs solo on her ukulele, she now mostly performs songs in her Upper-Austrian dialect. These songs range from intense ballads about serious issues to catchy tunes to sing along to. When she’s not performing on stage, playing ukulele or writing new songs, she’s blogging and instagramming about her life and adventures with her ukuleles.

Patrick Ranft

Patrick found his passion for the ukulele in Hawaii. He’s heavily influenced by the style of Kimo Hussey and plays songs of different genres. After founding his online music school „“ and being part of the German tv-show „Willkommen bei den Reimanns“, he’s starting to conquer the stage.