15:00 Opening

15:30 Sing & Strum(20min)


Workshops (50mins) 

            16:30 Uhr

            Ukulele Basics (Elisabeth Pfeiffer)

            Ukulele for Kids (Konrad Naegeli)

            Swing it! (Charlotte Pelgen)


            17:30 Uhr

            Clawhammer-Ukulele (Andreas Bördlein)

            Focus on Singing (Calico)

            Presentation: History of the Ukulele in Germany (Axel Müller)




18:30 Sing & Strum (20min)


19:00 Open Stage


Evening Concert

20:00 Nikky and the Ukulele

20:30 Patrick Ranft 

21:00 Marco Tschirpke 


22:00 Iso Herquist 

22:40 Calico

Grand Finale!

All Day Programm

WELTLADEN will be providing food, snacks and drinks.

ARTISTS‘ MERCH The people on stage will bring CDs, stickers and other cool stuff for you to take home.

FLIGHT UKULELES can be borrowed all day long! Here’s their website: Flight Ukuleles